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Baptismal Regeneration and the WCF

reblogged. He makes a fair point about Burgess at the end. It might still be amenable to the idea that the intended bad roman idea is that baptism will stop working once you sin. I think Cornelius Burgess has a … Continue reading

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Why I became, and will stay, some kind of Christian Transformationalist

Because it’s what’s happened anyway! From James B. Jordan’s Through New Eyes, final chapter. The Growth of the Kingdom in Church History Since we live in an age of setback, it is not always apparent to us that the Kingdom has, in fact, … Continue reading


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Extraspective Clair Davis

Originally posted on TheEcclesialCalvinist:
[Editor’s Note: This post was written by my good friend and seminary professor Dr. Clair Davis.  In it he offers some well-informed and insightful reflections on the unity of salvation in Christ, and on the difficulties…

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Thomas Manton on temporal enemies of Christ

“First, his temporal enemies are such as oppose his cause and servants, and seek to suppress his interest in the world. The Jews despitefully used him and his messengers, and they had their doom; wrath came upon them to the … Continue reading

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Amos Yong: Race and Racialization

One of the commendable features of the book Bradley edited is that he has not just a ethnically “tribal” (his term) diversity of contributors, but a theological tribal diversity as well. Amos Yong is not only an Asian American, he’s … Continue reading

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Lance Lewis: Black Pastoral Leadership and Church Planting

Knowing little (negative) about Lewis’s experiences as a church planter once he got started with his church (the only negative being hearing through the grapevine that he had to take second calling tentmaker work because of support issues) that Lewis’s … Continue reading

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Reviewing & Responding to Bradley’s (ed) _Aliens_ part 1

Anthony Bradley is the editor of a book gathering scholars from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, and also diverse Christian evangelical backgrounds (more on that later) called Aliens in the Promised Land: Why Minority Leadership is overlooked in White Christian Churches … Continue reading

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Live the gospel

There’s an ongoing attempt to dissuade people from using the phrase “live the gospel,” (which sometimes is just an imprecise way of saying “live in accordance with the gospel,” and sometimes means something a bit different.) Those who object do … Continue reading

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Privilge and Wilson

Since I think I’m the one who raised the issue that prompted Wilson’s post on White privilege, I figure I should respond. I’m very thankful for Wilson’s engagement on this topic, and hope this will be a fruitful discussion. In … Continue reading

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John Brown  Q How may the types of the Old Testament dispensation be distinguished A Into typical persons, typical classes of persons, occasional typical things, miscellaneous typical institutions, typical places, typical oblations, typical seasons, and typical purifications  Q What particular … Continue reading

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