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Out of Revolution: 1. Post-War Preface

I began reading Out of Revolution without much awareness of its context or why Eugen Rosenstock-Hussey (after, ERH) was motivated to write it. As I realized ERH is writing soon after his leaving Nazi Germany for America, and is looking at a … Continue reading

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Blogging Out of Revolution

“Our passions give life to the world, our collective passions constitute the history of mankind” The quote above begins Eugen Rosenstock-Hussey’s mammoth “Autobiography of western man” Out of Revolution. I’ve had it sitting on my shelf for about 10 years since … Continue reading

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Response to Mika Edmondson

Mika Edmondson writes a well written and moving post on Black Lives Matter for TGC. Below is a response I sent to the comments. Thank you for this. As a Presbyterian, I take to heart your exhortations from the Catechism, … Continue reading

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POEM: Fungal Females

The mushrooms of Plath Push out from the lath Emerge from domestic walls And trouble the mighty in halls Of power The fungi of Dickinson Amuse and tickle some. But the fairly odd plant She describes in her chant As … Continue reading

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POEM: Tomorrow’s Work Undone

I. Tomorrow’s Work Undone Over Appalachian hills of devonian coal      Spread glowing beams of dusklight, A fading glow on the half-harvested valley,      Westward light lingers. Her fingers ache; her hands leave work      incomplete She returns home for the night.   … Continue reading

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All over again

I’ve enjoyed Mark Jones work since I heard about his Antinomianism book. He’s now posting on Reformation21, and making the case for two things that re old bugaboo debates: the faith of Christ, the graciousness of the Adamic covenant, and … Continue reading

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Revising my Peter and The Amils post

New version “And Peter answered them “the sons of this period of broken history know churches are pure and less pure but those that are considered worthy to attain to the Future Reformed Catholic unity and the to the Resurrection … Continue reading

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