Hot Breath: One

New Poem. Not as successful as I want. I have various ideas for different takes on ‘hot breath’ but these were what I came up with. Its kinda a downer, sneaking up on you

Cold air and crisp day cavort
While hot breath hot breath hot breath
Arises as a blast of cloudy life,
A column ascends of vanishing breath
Blown bold, cavorts, dissipates as vapor into
Crisp air and cold day

Haling out, haling in, heading home

This cold night, panes rattle in wind
by the warm bed
Hot breath exhales, inhales
Throat breathes craving to throat:
On the neck hot breath,
On the shoulder hot breath,
The thigh, warm
Invisibility mingling with the glow of shining warm skin
In darkness panting rapid rapid
Hot breath

*  *  *

The dream dissipates. A CPAP blows cold damp.

My dry tongue can’t pant
With a high pressure hose
Forcing air at my face

My masked self is kept from dying a thousand petty deaths

My masked flesh lives, as it were, were it not self-strangling.
Hot breath breathes, elusively asleep, alive and masked between two faces faced away


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