Peter and the Amils

There came to Peter some amillenialists who deny there is progress through death and Resurrection by God in any sense in history, or human flourishing, and many other like things they deny. And they asked him a question, saying

“Teacher, Usrinus wrote for us that a church can only be known by the marks of pure preaching of the gospel, pure administration of the sacraments, and discipline. Now a man was a member of the lutheran organization, but they taught baptismal regeneration so he left them and joined the baptist assembly, but they didn’t baptize his children so he joined the eastern orthodox group. But when they venerated icons he left and met with some pentecostals, and then 2 other sects, and finally the man himself was tossed out by the Plymouth Brethren. in this “Future Reformed Catholic Unity church” you claim is coming, since this man was never a member of a legitimate church, shall he be baptized into it or not?”

And Peter answered them “the sons of this period of broken history know churches are pure and less pure but those that are considered worthy to attain to the Future Reformed Catholic unity and the to the Resurrection of the church neither unchurch less pure churches or assume that unity is impossible for God. They fear not the end of the direct application of the protestant confessions anymore because they are Sons of God, being sons of the father of the risen Christ. But that future unity is possible, even Ezekiel showed, in the passage about the two sticks of israel and judah being rejoined.”

And some of the people said: “I don’t see how that is humanly possible.”

And Peter said “Yep” 


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