Thomas Manton on temporal enemies of Christ


“First, his temporal enemies are such as oppose his cause and servants, and seek to suppress his interest in the world. The Jews despitefully used him and his messengers, and they had their doom; wrath came upon them to the uttermost, It is supposed they are intended: Mat xvi. 28… In a few years the city, temple, and whole polity of the Jews was destroyed, for the erection of the gospel kingdom. The Romans were the next enemy, who endeavored the extirpation of christianity by several persecutions; these were next made the footstool of the King of kings, and after some years that vast empire was destroyed by the inundation of barbarous nations, and the residue marched under the banner of Christ. Within a little time, all these nations which oppose Christ’s interest, and persecute his servants, are subdued under him, and either broken in pieces by sundry plagues and judgments, or else are brought to submit their necks to Christ’s blessed yoke”

(sermon on Romans 8:34)


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